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Other places to visit outside Laos:

Located in southern Thailand, the beautiful island of Phuket has now completely recovered from the 2004 tsunami, so don't miss this chance to enjoy one of its amazing five star resorts at very attractive prices!

Nearby, 3 or 4 hours by road or 1 hour by plane, visit the second largest island in Thailand call Koh Samui, Samui has grown a lot in the past years but has kept its lay back feeling and trendy style. Dining on the beach is one of the

Near Bangkok, the modern capital of the Kingdom, is the well known Pattaya a very large beach front city which was once very popular for its active nightlife. Today Pattaya is a beach resort city which caters for all ages and all people.

In the north, Chiang Mai will offer amazing trekking and elephant ridings in jungle settings. You will certainly have the chance to visit the hilltribes and why not ride one of these Bamboo raft all the way back to your hotels. See also our information guide for Hong Kong.